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title: "about"
description: "an overview of's activities and mission"
date: 2020-08-06T17:15:03+01:00
lastmod: 2022-09-06T16:11:32+02:00
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Free services provided for fun as a hobby with passion and :white_heart:
### Clearnet services
see what we have so far: [list of services]({{< relref "" >}}).
### Onion services
for increased privacy of our users, *some* services are also available
natively via [TOR](, have a look at
[onions 🧅]({{< relref "" >}}) for details.
### Observability
to enable long-term monitoring of trends for services we're running:
* [prometheus]( at
* [grafana]( at
### Status
* in-house status monitor at (courtesy of [statping-ng](
* UptimeRobot ([affiliate link]( hosted dashboard at
### Security
[HSTS]( has been enabled early on for ``,
which means that all major browsers (Firefox, Chromium, Safari and Opera) today know that this site,
as well as **all** of its subdomains, communicate with you only using TLS to secure the data in transit
(they check the [preload list](,
i.e. no plain HTTP connections.
#### Misc
* HTTP headers insight for as per [Mozilla HTTP Observatory](\
Scoring 130 out of 100 points
* [SecurityHeaders]( report at
* SSL Labs [TLS rating]( *A+*
* []( *A+*
### Privacy
see [privacy]({{< relref "privacy" >}}), the short version being *we are not
selling you out* 🎉.