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surtur 1861310a9b
vimrc: terminal mode enhancements
1 week ago
.config swayconfig: add autotiling,batsignal;fix polkit 1 week ago
.vim vimrc: terminal mode enhancements 1 week ago
backups MEGAsync instances necessary path update 2 years ago
bin screen-share-sway make clean 1 week ago
setup-env removed redundant script (no more EA, ever) 1 year ago
.Xresources renamed etc/X11/Xresources to .Xresources 1 year ago
.curlrc added .curlrc && .wgetrc 1 year ago
.searchsploit_rc feat: added .searchsploit_rc 12 months ago
.tmux.conf chore: updated .tmux.conf for more space in the status bar 10 months ago
.wgetrc added .curlrc && .wgetrc 1 year ago
.zprofile zshrc+zprofile updates 1 week ago
LICENSE Initial commit 2 years ago
README.md A subtle change to README.md 2 years ago
zshrc zshrc: add alias and viman function 1 week ago



This is just my desperate attempt to keep track of all the changes I perform onto my dearest dot-files

Warning: Check the files before use