hourly updated archlinux base image https://hub.docker.com/r/immawanderer/archlinux-hugo
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This repository provides the Dockerfile to create an updated Arch Linux base image.

The image is rebuilt approximately every hour to ensure it always has the latest packages.

push mirror lives in this GitHub repo
development happens on this Gitea instance

What you get

That's just it. This makes it possible to just grab the image and install whatever it is you want on top later.


  • Arch Linux image with freshly updated package base to build upon

Running the image

  • edit the yourlocalpath and containerpath variabled or remove them entirely (along with -v) if you have nothing to mount
docker run -it -v yourlocalpath:containerpath immawanderer/archlinux:latest

Building the image locally

  • create a new folder
  • grab the Dockerfile and place it in that folder
  • build the image locally
mkdir -pv mynewfolder
cd ./mynewfolder
wget https://git.dotya.ml/wanderer/docker-archlinux/raw/branch/master/Dockerfile
docker build --pull - < Dockerfile