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We welcome and encourage third-party contributions to BLAKE3, be it reports of issues encountered while using the software or proposals of patches.

Bug reports

Bugs and other problems should be reported on GitHub Issues.

If you report a bug, please:

  • Check that it's not already reported in the GitHub Issues.
  • Provide information to help us diagnose and ideally reproduce the bug.


We encourage you to fix a bug via a GitHub Pull request, preferably after creating a related issue and referring it in the PR.

If you contribute code and submit a patch, please note the following:

  • We use Rust's stable branch for developing BLAKE3.
  • Pull requests should target the master branch.
  • Try to follow the established Rust style guidelines.

Also please make sure to create new unit tests covering your code additions. You can execute the tests by running:

cargo test

All third-party contributions will be recognized in the list of contributors.