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Gitea webhook to trigger OBS services
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'gitea-obs' is a webhook endpoint to trigger the services in Open Build Service,
meant as a replacement for the Obs service on GitHub.

Unfortunately someone thought I wasn't being funny with my project names and
blocked my OBS account before I could test it.  Therefore it comes as is.


 $ go build
 $ mkdir gitea-obs-workdir
 $ cd gitea-obs-workdir
 $ ../gitea-obs :3000 secret

Then, in Gitea, assuming it's running on the same machine as the program,
use a 'Payload URL' like the following:


Optional arguments:

 * 'project' is the OBS project name (when not implied by the token itself)
 * 'package' is the OBS package name (when not implied by the token itself)
 * 'refs' is a colon-separated list of Go filepath patterns to filter branches,
   for example 'refs/heads/*'; defaults to 'refs/heads/master'
 * 'obs' specifies a different URL for the OBS instance

The program uses the current working directory as a dispatch queue, and it must
be run in a dedicated directory.

Contributing and Support
Use https://git.janouch.name/p/gitea-obs to report any bugs, request features,
or submit pull requests.  `git send-email` is tolerated.  If you want to discuss
the project, feel free to join me at ircs://irc.janouch.name, channel #dev.

Bitcoin donations are accepted at: 12r5uEWEgcHC46xd64tt3hHt9EUvYYDHe9

This software is released under the terms of the 0BSD license, the text of which
is included within the package along with the list of authors.