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a non-exhaustive list of services available to the community:
* [Gitea]( SCM instance at
* [DroneCI]( instance (login with a Gitea account) at
* [DNSCrypt]( resolver (see [DNSCrypt]({{< relref "posts/dnscrypt" >}}))
* DNS resolvers:
* [DNSCrypt]( resolver (see [DNSCrypt]({{< relref "posts/dnscrypt" >}}))
* [CoreDNS]( serving
[DNS-over-TLS]( at
``, and
[DNS-over-HTTPS]( at
* [SearXNG]( *metasearch* engine instance at
* [tmate]( server (see
* [SearXNG]( instance at
* [CoreDNS]( serving [DNS-over-TLS]( at `` ([config](
also check out [onions 🧅]({{< relref "onions" >}}) to learn about services accessible via TOR.