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report: correct the path to tmpl files in comments
this path gets redirected to a canonical - even if nonpermanent - one at
`{repo}/src/branch/{main-branch}/{path-to-file}`, that is
`{repo}/src/branch/development/{path-to-file}` in concrete terms.
the previous paths were resulting in 404s.
2023-02-24 16:25:31 +01:00

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Go HTML Template

% Code generated by math-optim; DO NOT EDIT.
% This file was generated by robots at
% {{ .Timestamp }}
% source:
% This file is a part of the math-optim project.
% project homepage:
% begin report.tmpl
% end report.tmpl
% vim: ft=gotexttmpl ts=2 bs=2 expandtab