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augroup vimgo_local
" quality of life improvements, some as per
" run :GoBuild or :GoTestCompile based on the go file
function! s:build_go_files()
let l:file = expand('%')
if l:file =~# '^\f\+_test\.go$'
call go#test#Test(0, 1)
elseif l:file =~# '^\f\+\.go$'
call go#cmd#Build(0)
autocmd FileType go nmap <leader>b :<C-u>call <SID>build_go_files()<CR>
autocmd FileType go nmap <leader>gb :<C-u>call <SID>build_go_files()<CR>
autocmd FileType go nmap <leader>gc <Plug>(go-coverage-toggle)
let g:go_gopls_gofumpt=1
let g:go_fmt_autosave=1
let g:go_highlight_types = 1
let g:go_fmt_command='gofumpt'
let g:go_test_timeout = '10s'
let g:go_highlight_build_constraints = 1
let g:go_metalinter_command = 'golangci-lint run'
let g:go_metalinter_autosave = 1
let g:go_metalinter_deadline = '3s'
augroup END