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Samuel Neves adbf07d67a Fix #109
The default executable stack setting on Linux can be fixed in two different ways:

 - By adding the `.section .note.GNU-stack,"",%progbits` special incantation
 - By passing the `--noexecstack` flag to the assembler

This patch implements both, but only one of them is strictly necessary.

I've also added some additional hardening flags to the Makefile. May not be portable.
2020-08-23 22:32:36 +01:00
Samuel Neves b01784a057 support compilers without __has_include 2020-07-30 00:03:37 +01:00
Samuel Neves a3ec6c1ccf enable CET on asm 2020-06-27 17:44:43 +01:00
Samuel Neves fa6f14cafa Work around clang bug 36144 by replacing anonymous label numbers.

Fixes #60.
2020-02-13 15:22:17 +00:00
Jack O'Connor fcc14c8c1b more file renaming, use underscores more consistently 2020-02-12 18:41:41 -05:00