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// here a standard set of media queries is defined, that is compatible with the
// responsive grid used in fomantic css. As there only is a precompiled build
// of fomantic checked in (since 946bbbe), we can't use their less variables
// here, but these breakpoints shouldn't change in the foreseeable future.
@mediaMdAndUp: ~"(min-width: 768px)";
@mediaMdAndDown: ~"(max-width: 991px)";
@mediaLgAndUp: ~"(min-width: 992px)";
@mediaLgAndDown: ~"(max-width: 1200px)";
@mediaSm: ~"(max-width: 767px)";
@mediaMd: @mediaMdAndUp and @mediaMdAndDown;
@mediaLg: @mediaLgAndUp and @mediaLgAndDown;
@mediaXl: ~"(min-width: 1201px)";