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this repo holds

  • docker-compose.yml for drone.dotya.ml instance of Drone CI
  • drone-related env files (server.env, runner-docker.env)
  • systemd Unit file to easily start/stop the instance service and systemd Slice file to control its resource usage

prepare environment

mkdir -pv /etc/drone /etc/systemd/system/drone.service.d
  • unless running with unprivileged user, copy drone.service and drone.slice files to /etc/systemd/system and override.conf into /etc/systemd/system/drone.service.d

  • reload systemd daemon

    systemctl daemon-reload
  • let drone.service start automatically on system startup and start the service immediately

    systemctl enable --now drone.service

alternatively, copy the folder structure etc to your /etc


  • using this set-up a reverse proxy (such as nginx) is also needed to forward traffic to and from drone server that listens exclusively on localhost
  • this set-up works with Gitea in mind, although it shouldn't be too hard to change the configs to work with other git providers (see server.env file)