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  surtur a4da6705cf
fix: updated submodule + plz do update sumbmodule --remote 8 hours ago
  surtur a318554a91
feat: bumped hugo version to 0.73.0 2 weeks ago
  surtur bec0d2261e
fix: it's dockerhub bro, not dockehub 3 weeks ago
  surtur 7b62ae9f57
feat: updated message template format 3 weeks ago
  surtur 5ee5868f5b
fix: corrected PATH - was unable to find gethugo 3 weeks ago
  surtur d4a5368a4e
feat: changed the container image used in CI to fedora-hugo 1 month ago
  surtur 26fe940242
feat: no need to clone for deploy pipeline 1 month ago
  surtur 3af0a7366e
feat: added bin to $PATH + moved version check to gethugo 1 month ago
  surtur 4029290dfb
feat: bumped hugo version to 0.72.0 1 month ago
  surtur 2881a537e9
fix: complement of 4fc713392b - picky downloader bruh 1 month ago
  surtur 57a2aaec5e
feat: explicitly use ipv4 in the build environment 1 month ago
  surtur 4fc713392b
feat: only download hugo when there's a newer version 1 month ago
  surtur 5aef7575a0
refactor: we don't do 'release/*' ... 1 month ago
  surtur 7d00850095
feat: bumped hugo version to 0.71.1 1 month ago
  surtur c3269a77fa
clean up the footer 1 month ago
  surtur 14465121ca
bumped hugo version to 0.71.0 1 month ago
  surtur aa5af99643
hugo update + license in footer + fix broken RSS 2 months ago
  surtur 0ed38d2481
bumped hugo version to 0.69.2 2 months ago
  surtur 50061bd895
bumped hugo version to 0.69.1 2 months ago
  surtur 6a95f787ae
minor updates of contact page 2 months ago
  surtur 8ef33f4330
pull latest image on cron only [skip ci] 2 months ago
  surtur ffdb95b0a1
added cron deploy pipeline + a couple of edits 2 months ago
  surtur 29048b29ff
slight adjustment of homepage icon links 2 months ago
  surtur 5ed8de03ab
updated README.md badge to reflect the migration 2 months ago
  surtur a4bf0e6c04
.drone.yml and config.toml updates 2 months ago
  surtur 96af928552
bumped hugo version to 0.69.0 2 months ago
  surtur 77b8f75cd7
updated README.md 3 months ago
  surtur ef33e6a449
updated `about` page 3 months ago
  surtur 05b47afad8
bumped hugo version to v0.68.3 3 months ago
  surtur ebefb131e8
bumped hugo version to v0.68.2 3 months ago
  surtur ea1deb7387
bumped hugo version to v0.68.1 3 months ago
  surtur 8579614ceb
updated status page layout, added UptimeRobot link 3 months ago
  surtur 60455813eb
updated about page with the first emoji ❤️ 3 months ago
  surtur 478583cac4
enabled hugo emoji preprocessor 3 months ago
  surtur 5a564c6c03
updated links for faster loading 3 months ago
  surtur 0136ca3f12
bumped hugo version to 0.68.0 3 months ago
  surtur eb88c10dda
no commit message in the deploy confirmation 3 months ago
  surtur 125063e9ae
updated predefined style 3 months ago
  surtur d88b79c7fa
changed copy_btn hover highlight colour 3 months ago
  surtur f962f4969c
updated section regarding gpg 3 months ago
  surtur 48daa2888b
removed whitespace [skip ci] 3 months ago
  surtur 0b3066f309
updated contact page 3 months ago
  surtur 8998ff7998
[skip ci] bumped hugo version to 0.67.1 3 months ago
  surtur 7eef2c5142
updated .drone.yml message template format 3 months ago
  surtur de2ee3e2b8
add absolute path to hugo binary 3 months ago
  surtur 2f90469411
added absolute path to `gethugo` 3 months ago
  surtur 978bf9ea04
added hugo updater ref to the deploy script 3 months ago
  surtur 461fe68c00
updated .drone.yml notification message format 3 months ago
  surtur 52a288bc96
fix deploy script: strcmp works like so 4 months ago
  surtur 0b35630798
[skip ci] updated deploy script 4 months ago